2023 InterFaith Calendar

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Learn about religious diversity every day of the year with the 2023 InterFaith Calendar produced by the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago. A nonprofit organization founded in 1984, the Council promotes cooperation, understanding, and collaboration among the faith communities of Chicago to advance the common good.

The InterFaith Calendar is developed by the Council in cooperation with 17 religious communities. It features dates and explanations of observances as well as information about basic beliefs, practices, religious writings, and demographics for each faith tradition. The calendar is illustrated with art and sacred imagery from each religious community.

The InterFaith Calendar is available in an award-winning 14″ x 22″ full-color format for just $19.95. The InterFaith Calendar is also available as a free app for both iPhone and Android.

“For more than 30 years, the InterFaith Calendar has served as a peerless reference for understanding faith in America,” said Council President Barbara Abrajano. “It’s a great tool for businesses, schools, public and religious organizations, or anyone who wants to respect and appreciate different religious observances in our society.”

For more information, visit crlmc.org/interfaithcalendar or write [email protected].


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