Public Pressure & Moonsama Generate $2M For Music & Gaming NFT Campaign

Web3 music community Public Pressure teams up with acclaimed Italian DJ Duo Merk & Kremont for a successful debut NFT drop alongside Moonsama. With the drop, Public Pressure & Moonsama introduce music as a gaming utility for the first time inside the Moonsama metaverse ecosystem. The PODs NFT project sold out in minutes, generating over $2 million in revenue. Read on to learn more about this amazing drop!

A picture of Italian DJs Mark & Kremont, whose NFT collection went viral on the Public Pressure platform

What is the PODs NFT Collection on Moonsama?

The PODs NFT collection is a limited edition 3,333 piece drop that allows music to be used in innovative ways as a gaming utility in the Moonsama metaverse. The collection comprises of unreleased tracks by top Italian DJs Mark & Kremont. Each of the NFTs in the collection go for $600. The gaming/music project sold out within just days of its launch. Furthermore, the unreleased tracks allow in-game perks to players.

Each song by the Italian DJ duo unlocks special in-game features or ‘power-ups’ in the Moonsama multiverse. These powers include immortality, speed, resources, slowing down opponents, or invisibility. Moreover, players can also equip their in-game avatars with the songs. This also allows them to play the purchased songs in the game.

Sergio Mottola, President of Public Pressure said, “By partnering with Moonsama, we’re bringing NFT music to the Moonsama Metaverse and gaming communities for the very first time. By bridging digital and physical worlds, we’re offering labels and artists a new way forward with innovative formats for their art. The success of this collaborative drop confirms our belief – that the future of music and culture consumption is on Web3.”

Public Pressure was originally a leading music online community and magazine to empower artists and labels. Launched in 2015, the brand has now adopted a completely Web3 path forward. The media company has its headquarters in London with offices around the world.

Public Pressure builds between music, culture and technology. Moreover, Public Pressure is built on the Polkadot blockchain. This blockchain has the lowest total electricity consumption and carbon emissions per year of the six proof-of-stake (POS) blockchains. Furthermore, the blockchain itself provides easy transitions from the music industry into Web3.

Moonsama is the biggest community within the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem. It is a DAO that provides multi-chain blockchain solutions including NFT collections, web3 assets, and an awesome metaverse. It also allows players to purchase in-platform NFTs as utilities. This significant new partnership, which is the brainchild of Public Pressure’s President Sergio Mottola, and Moonsama’s Founder Donnie, has introduced music as a gaming utility for the first time inside the Moonsama metaverse. Learn more about Public Pressure and how it plans to change music forever by clicking here.

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