Quarantine for International Arrivals to China to End January 8

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China will cancel quarantine for all international arrivals from January 8.

It comes as the country’s National Health Commission announced that, from that date, the management of COVID-19 will be downgraded from Class A to Class B.

The term “novel coronavirus pneumonia” will also be replaced with “novel coronavirus infection.”

Travelers to China are still required to take a PCR test 48 hours before departure, and can only come to China if the results are negative.

However, there is no need to apply for a health code from Chinese embassies or consulates.

Other updates include:

  • International flight bans will be scrapped

  • Isolation measures will no longer be implemented

  • No more close contacts

  • No more high and low risk areas

Yesterday, we reported that China has announced that there will no longer be daily updates on COVID-19:

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So there you have it – the long awaited normal life (as opposed to the dreaded ‘normal life’) is nearly upon us.

A very happy holidays to you all.

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