RPG Cast – Episode 612: “He Must Have Put Skill Points Into Broom Handle”

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This is more of a birth memory, but since my birth is two weeks before Christmas, I’ll count it. I can’t think of any stories that actually happened on Christmas.

I got Pokemon Red Version as a birthday, after already loving the franchise via the anime series. I eagerly started it up, but I was so unfamiliar with RPGs at the time that I couldn’t even figure out how to leave the player’s house. My sister wanted to try and I gave her the Game Boy Pocket. Sure enough, she left without any trouble. I guess 12-year-old me couldn’t figure out that the rectangle on the ground was a floormat.

As for what you do in Pokemon Legends Arceus, I’ll reference the official website:

As part of the Galaxy Expedition Team, you set out from Jubilife village to one of the various areas in Hisui to study the Pokemon there and ultimately complete the region’s first Pokedex. While you do need to capture Pokemon, it’s not the only way to complete a particular entry. You have to complete research tasks to increase your progress on a species’ Pokedex entry. For instance, you have to observe a Pokemon use a particular move multiple times or evolve multiple individuals. Complete enough tasks and your member rank with the Galaxy Team increases, giving you access to new areas of Hisui.

You’re also tasked with quelling the noble Pokemon that are going berserk. Other than attacking them with your own Pokemon you have to hit them with balms multiple times to calm them down. Presumably, you’ll uncover what’s making them go berserk, and it probably involves Arceus somehow.

Whether there is more involved remains to be seen, but the main flow of the game involves battle, capturing, and observing Pokemon to complete tasks, fill in the Pokedex, and gain access to new areas. Personally, I’m looking forward to the game.

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