Valentino Rossi Launches Motorsport Metaverse on Roblox

Valentino Rossi, the 9-time Motorcycling World Champion, races now in Roblox. VR46 Metaverse announced the launch of Moto Island – The Official Valentino Rossi Experience.

an image of a lego version of Valentino Rossi racing another lego figure in the roblox metaverse
The motorcycle legend Valentino Rossi races into Roblox.

What is The Official Valentino Rossi Experience?

Moto Island is the new world built around Valentino Rossi in the popular virtual world Roblox. It consists of high-octane races in an open world. The Valentino Rossi experience is the first incursion into virtual worlds for VR46 Metaverse, the company developing the image of the Italian champion in gaming and metaverse.

“The release of Moto Island constitutes a major milestone in the VR46 Metaverse timeline for 2023” said Jean Claude Ghinozzi, CEO of VR46 Metaverse. “To make this happen we wanted a partner who had a great experience in this industry and working with Dubit was the best choice we could make.” 

In an environment filled with oceanside roads, forests, snow-capped peaks, and cities, up to 30 racers can line up on the race tracks. Offering great physics, the game recreates Valentino Rossi’s riding experience. On top of that, dozens of bikes with thousands of appearance and performance upgrades are available. Moreover, thousands of user-generated items, for example, helmets to leather jackets, can help upgrade the style of the riders.

Moto Island, created in partnership with the metaverse studio Dubit, is designed around two core values: accessibility and customization. Above all, it conveys a sense of competition between players.

Image of four lego motorcyclists on moto island, one waving is hand at the screen
On Moto Island, up to 30 players can line up in races.

Why Roblox?

Valentino Rossi and its team chose Roblox because they wanted to reach the broader audience possible. In that sense, the gaming platform was a safe bet. It is one of the most popular in the world with about 58,8 million daily players. Therefore, the rider is happy to give an opportunity to his fans to have fun. “I really wanted to create such an experience, for all motorsport fans and beyond”, he says. “With Moto Island we want to take this sport to another level, offering all players a fun, quality experience.”

According to Valentino Rossi, Interacting with his community is something he was definitely looking for with this project. “It has always been a key aspect throughout my career. In fact, it’s so exciting being able to do the same with younger generations through Roblox”.

Matthew Warneford, the co-founder of Dubit, reminds us that Valentino Rossi is the “GOAT”. For this reason, working with its teams was a rewarding experience. “We’ve loved creating Moto Island with VR46 Metaverse and can’t wait to see millions of players enjoy the incredible races.”

In the future, Moto island will be constantly evolving and updated over the coming months. Similarly, new content and events will bring more challenges for players. Valentino Rossi Experience could become the hottest spot in the metaverse for motorbike fans, provided that the team keeps working to offer the best features.  

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