Carpe Donktum trolls the woke claiming he's a third-grade teacher 'talking about Jesus' and it's GLORIOUS

Carpe Donktum put together a fairly spectacular thread claiming to be a third-grade teacher teaching his class about Jesus. He also made a...

Carpe Donktum put together a fairly spectacular thread claiming to be a third-grade teacher teaching his class about Jesus. He also made a point to tweet about how it’s his and his student’s secret … sort of like the trans activist teachers have been pulling with kids and their gender.

Take a gander.

As a 3rd grade teacher, I often talk about Jesus with my students, they are so excited to hear about my faith. They point to the cross on wall and ask me about the resurrection.

Some have gotten baptized in the sink, as long as they don’t tell their parents. It’s our secret.

— Carpe Donktum🔹 (@CarpeDonktum) April 13, 2023

Jesus? HOO boy, that’ll piss the woke off. LOL.

I hope this doesn’t get me fired, please don’t share this to libs.

— Carpe Donktum🔹 (@CarpeDonktum) April 13, 2023

Ok, so this should have given him away but Lefties and libs aren’t the brightest crayons in the box.

This is gonna be good!😅😅

— My Name is Dawn (@MyNameisDawn2) April 13, 2023





Even as a person of “faith” I agree this isn’t ok. It is UP TO THE PARENTS not you

— Megz (@CitrusAndAcid) April 13, 2023


Alrighty then.

Would you rather have a child in heaven or a child in hell? Or maybe you’re just a Christophobe.

— natatomic (@natatomic) April 13, 2023


You know what, we don’t wanna know.

There was more.

There has been a lot of interest from my students about circumcision but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a surgeon willing to do these spirit affirming surgeries anonymously.

If anyone in the Kansas City area knows anyone willing to help save these kids, let me know.

— Carpe Donktum🔹 (@CarpeDonktum) April 13, 2023



For some of my kids, it isn’t enough to know who they are in Christ on the INSIDE, they want it to be visible to everyone.

I have helped many of my 3rd graders get cross and Jesus tattoos and you wouldn’t believe how excited they are to finally feel right in their own skin.

— Carpe Donktum🔹 (@CarpeDonktum) April 13, 2023

It’s confusing for some of these kids when the person they are inside doesn’t match who they are on the outside.

I have a dress up box with priestly robes and WWJD bracelets that they are free to use to try out their new identity in Christ.

— Carpe Donktum🔹 (@CarpeDonktum) April 13, 2023

Our school counselor is also a devout Christian and has started offering spiritually affirming care, where students can open up about their faith without the judgment of parents.

Many of these kids can’t talk to their parents about the transformation Christ did in their heart.

— Carpe Donktum🔹 (@CarpeDonktum) April 13, 2023

At the beginning of every year, I give each student a gospel of their own to read at school. For some of these kids, I was the first person they came out to as Christian. Even their parents don’t know. A few of my students take communion here because their parents don’t allow it

— Carpe Donktum🔹 (@CarpeDonktum) April 13, 2023

Yeah, this was a hoot.

It’s up to them to decide how they identify, right?

— Erika Sanzi (@esanzi) April 13, 2023


I hope it does get you fired!

— Melinda Mazoue’ (@MelindaMazoue) April 13, 2023


If your in a public school and my child was in your class you would not have a job after my child told me how they spent their day

— Patty Lou (@pattygress) April 13, 2023

Why keep it a secret?

Might it be because what you are doing, as a state representative, would get you fired if the authorities find out because it’s fucking illegal?

You should be ashamed of yourself proselytizing to 3rd graders!!!!

— RenévelⒶtion 🇩🇪 🇺🇦 💚🤍 (@Renevelation) April 13, 2023

“As long as they don’t tell their parents.” If I had a child at that school, I’d be planning a lawsuit.

— Johnny Djinn and the Tonix! (@MistahScrod) April 13, 2023

Ya’ think?

I’m a hard-core right libertarian. You are just about as evil as they come. You should rot in hell. This is just as bad as transitioning kids without letting parents know

— Tyler McFarland (@TylerMcF420) April 13, 2023

youre the reason libtards hate religion , jesus was a lion btw and all the stuff you know about the bible is probably stuff you were told not stuff you actually read

— Clint Æstwood thirdworldassassin (@clintaestwood) April 13, 2023


Sadly, it’s not just the Left who didn’t get the joke.

I’ve taught Sunday School for over 40 years, and never ever told a student to keep a secret from their parents.

You are horrid!

Sorry I ever followed you.

— thebobmackay (@thebobmackay) April 13, 2023

Told you guys it was good …

That being said, we’re not entirely sure they learned a damn thing here though.



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